Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Official Stamping Nail Art Party

Well, I had my first stamping nail art party and it showed me I really have a lot to tweak! It was fun but many of the guest were very young, polish ended up on the table instead of the placemats (thank goodness it was mostly on my tables!) and my communication wasn't clear.

I put up a display table so people could see my products and this time I put up a display of polishes so everyone could see the colors better. Well, a few of the girls wanted to try something different so they were using the display polishes....which wouldn't be bad, but when those are the last bottles we sell them because we don't use them for anything other than being on display. We swap them out every few months to make sure the polish is fresh because I don't want to sell anyone old polish. The ones they used and left on the table are easy to replace ~ but apparently they used some and then put them back.

So much for thinking I had almost everything covered! LOL

Any of you have Stamping Nail Art Parties? Any suggestions, ideas, experiences you have had would be welcome.

Hopefully next time I"ll have pictures to share.

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